choosing antenna types for my XBee3 PCBs

I am wondering about antenna types. My project is going to use a coordinator in a control panel… and then max distance from any of the 18 router modules in the network is probably less than 20ft. There will be metal structures in between many coordinator-router line of sight paths.

So, what I am thinking right now is that I will select an xbee3 PRO module for the coordinator. And then I am hoping that each of the router modules will have a PCB antenna xbee3 model.

First question is… for a network of RF modules like explained above, is that fine to have different antenna types for modules within the same network? Will the network be only aas strong as its weakest link sort of thing? Since the coordinator will be doing most of the communications to each of the routers it made sense to me to have the coordinator be a PRO module with a RP-SMA antenna so that it has strong output/reception… should I beef up the router modules as well or PCB antenna sufficient, or how to discern what is sufficient when selecting an antenna type?

thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use a mixture of antenna types, output power and module types as long as they are all using the same protocol. IE Zigbee or 802.15.4 or Digi Mesh.

However, you may need to remote mount the antennas as RF energy can’t go thru metal.