XBeepro SZB (XBP24B27 )

I have recently decided to use this module (rather than the XBeepro series 1 type that I have been using for ages) only because this type the module has the screw on type RPSMA connector for an external antenna.

I am confused with how to get them talking to each other.
What I need them to do is act transparently as I had with the series 1 type. Basically I send a byte to the module and it transmits it.

I dont really need two way communication, one module transmits data the other receives it … so really a wireless rs232 link.

I have set one module as a coordinator and one as a router as instructions say. I have set both with same ID and SC.

I have assigned:
the coordinators SH to routers DH
the coordinators SL to routers DL
the routers SH to coordinators DH
the routers SL to coordinators DL

Changed RO to 1

I have a really basic requirement but cant seems to get it happeneing.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


Series 1 and Series 2 modules cannot communicate with each other. Series 2 modules support Zigbee protocol, Series 1 modules supports DigiMesh and 802.15.4 protocols.