CMS32 serial port ip and port nr assignments?

I’m trying to “ip-ize” a bunch of our serial communications. To do this I’ve bought two CMS32’s that I’m going to be connecting (virtually) back-to-back. That is, breaking the 30 serial lines, and inserting the two CMS32’s between them.

One of the criteria is that each port on the RTU side CMS32 have it’s own ip, but all serial ports on that CMS32 will use tcp port 20000. Protocol is rawTCP.


serial port nr 1 ==>
serial port nr 2 ==>
serial port nr 3 ==>

and so forth.

I’m assuming a few things:

  1. This can only be done in Console Server mode.
  2. The parameters are keyed into the Host Mode Configuration tab.

So I key in the parameters into Port 1, works fine.
Key in parameters into Port 2, and an error box ‘Seleted listening TCP port is reserved by Port #1’.

Any idea what I’m missing here?


It is not possible to assign the same socket number to multiple ports. The number needs to be unique.

Typically the number increments sequentially with the port numbers. For example:

20001 - port 1
20002 - port 2