Communicate between Xbee Coord. and Router in API mode

I want to test the communication between two Xbee devices in API mode through the X-CTU software. The devices I am using are Xbee Series 2.
I have configured them as follows
Radio 1.
XB24-ZB Ver:2147
Pan ID: 1234
SL:13A200 (But when i configure it as AP=2 mode, this value changes to 7D33A2)

Radio 2.
XB24-ZB Ver:23A7
PAN ID :1234
SL:13A200 (But when i configure it as AP=2 mode, this value changes to 7D33A2)
Also i have configured its D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D11,D12 pins as digital input and iosampling rate=0xbb8(3000)

when i click the terminal tab of coordinator it continuously receives some api packets(i guess it reflects the status of router Xbee). In hex it reads as follows-
7E 00 12 92 00 7D 33 A2 00 40 6B 80 48 51 12 01 01 18 7D 5E 00 00 62 E8
I dont know what kind of package it is and would like to know what it is?
also i want to turn say DIO4 pin high(of the router )…
what command or frame should i transmit from the terminal of coordinator in order to turn the led connected to DIO4 pin of router high or low??

Hello Raj,

If you are using ATAP=2, ensure that you check that option in PC Settings tab in X-CTU.

The frame that you are receiving is an IO Data Sample Rx Indicator (type 0x92, third byte from delimiter 0x7E). Here you will find an API frame generator. Also, consult the product manual to learn more on API frame types and how to decode them.

To turn DIO4 on the router, you have to send a remote AT Command frame. Take into consideration that after you change an IO configuration, you must send AC (Apply Changes) command so the changes take effect.

Let us know if you get this running. Best regards,

If you are using sensor, then you need to set D1,D2,D3=2 to get the ADC samples.
If it is a wall router then you need to set D,D2=0
To know the details about the frame, check the product manual–>API section.
You can also refer the following link to parse the frames,
Select the Device Type and the frame that you are looking.