Communicating between 2 Xbee in API mode in Linux using Minicom

I am working on Xbee in API mode and i am writing a small program in C to receive API frames and process them, but to start with this, i simply wanted to check that how does these frames look like and is API communication is really happening or not.

I have Radio A and Radio B

Radio A - Transmitter
64 bit address - 0013A20040BB1716

Radio B - Receiver
64 bit address - 013A20040BCDE18
I added them both via Xbee USB shield to KDE and started minicom for both. They both are replying to the AT command pretty well. I set APi mode by using

ATAP = 1 or ATAP = 2
and then ATWR and ATCN and checked API mode again by issuing ATAP and get 1 or 2 as reply, that means i am in API mode now.

I used this link

to frame API frames to be send from Radio A to Radio B, and this is the frame which i got

7E 00 10 10 01 00 13 A2 00 40 BC DE 18 00 00 00 00 AE DA BF
when i send it from Radio A to Radio B, i didn’t get anything on Radio B serial on minicom. What am i missing? I had already attached antenna. I also considered this link, but instead of using XCTU, i had simply used minicom.

I would suggest using XCTU to build and send the API packet and use XCTU to receive the packets on the other end too. If that works, replace one side with your C program or the other side with minicom, then you’ll at least know at which end the problem originates.