Communicating from RCM2100 to Dynamic C using TCP/IP Connection

Hello, I’m very new to rabbit microcontrollers and dynamic C and I was hoping for some help getting started.

I am trying to connect to and program my RCM 2100 micro controller from my computer using an ethernet connection (specifically through a micro-LAN connection). However, I’m having difficulty connecting to dynamic C.

I go to Options > Communications and then chose the Use TCP/IP Connection radio button. I then press the Discover button to find the network, but it doesn’t find anything.

Is there something I have to do beforehand to set up my network for dynamic C to connect? What am I supposed to enter for Network Address, Controller Name, and Control Port?

Unfortunately all the manuals I could find talk about how to set it up through a serial connection using the programming cable, but not through TCP/IP. Do I need a programming cable even though I want to program through the ethernet connection?

Is there a manual I didn’t see that covers how to set up the network? Or some information I need to know before connecting?

You can only connect via serial connection in order to debug with Dynamic C.

You can download firmware via TCP but you would need to install a download manager. See TN224 at this link