New to Rabbit/Dynamic C, need some guidance.

I have recently received the Rabbit RCM4200 controller from my internship and will be working on it. I have downloaded Dynamic C and looked at the sample applications as well as the documentation, although it would be nice to have a bit of guidance from someone who already knows a bit about Dynamic C/Rabbit.

Basically my goal is to write an application that will allow a few users to connect (for now let’s say a server that will allow 4 people to connect via telnet/netcat). Upon connection, they will be presented with a menu, and then each can type in a command which makes the program do a specific thing. Now some of the things that the user can do is check get the MAC/IP of all connected users, check FTP server for update file and perform an FTP update.

The FTP parts was fairly easy thanks to the sample applications, and I also switched to TFTP, but the only two things I don’t know how to do is allow more than one person to connect, and display the IP/MAC of all connected users.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! [:)]

Hello, The first thing is use the latest version of Dynamic C 10.70.
There is one sample telnet application (rxsample.c)under the below path,
C:\DCRABBIT_10.70\Samples cpip elnet, might be it will useful for your application.

One more option is Webserver stuff on the RCM4200, If you implement webserver on the RCM4200, using the IP address of the module the users can access the web page and access the data.

There are some samples related to webserver under the path
pls check C:\DCRABBIT_10.70\Samples cpip\rabbitweb


I was considering to use the rxsample.c as a base for my program, but the problem is that it only allows one connection at a time and I need to be able to handle a few users at a time (Unless I’m missing something in the sample app that enables that). As for the web server, I cannot do that according to what is required of the application. It has to utilize either TCP or UDP.

So I played around with rxsample.c a little, and may have an idea of what to do but I am not sure thats the right thing to do.
Basically I would create an array of telnet_recv…

telnet_recv tr_state[MAX_USER]; 

…and then in the main while loop, I would use a for loop to loop through the array and access each element, and running “recv_tick();” on it. Any thoughts on this?