Communication between multiple XBee to one at PC via serial port

Dear all,
Can I use 6 individual Xbee Serie 1 (XB24-API-001) to talk to 1 Xbee attached to a PC.
The each of 6 Xbees will have 3 momentary switches (button’s) attached to it. When a button is pressed I need to read that info on the PC (USB) serial port via the Xbee.
Will this work with the module’s I chose (XB24-API-001) ?

Please advice and thanks!

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Yes it will. Just use API mode and the addressing functions along with the DIO line passing functions and you will be able to get the data.


Thanks! for the reply,
Will you please describe more the setup you have in mind, since I am a very beginner it is hard for me to develop on your above infos.
I set up the API mode for both modules but how do I use the ( addressing functions along with the DIO line passing functions) ?


Start with

Then look at

I would also strongly suggest reading over the product manual for the module before you do anything at all.


Thanks for the advice,
I have set up the Communicator in API [1] mode and the End point in AT mode; but I have a strange phenomenon : the module are in sync for a few sec. (4s or 5s, and I see the comport getting data packets) but after that the communication is interrupted … Also I have one button on DIO4 with a resistor of 10kOhm on the Ground.

Here is the config on both modules
Coordinator settings
CE Coordinator enable - Coordinator [1]
AP API Enable - API enabled [1]
ID PAN ID - 17

End point settings
AT mode - default
ID PAN ID - 17
D4 DIO4 Configuration - DI [3] (digital input)
IR Sample rate - 3E8 (for 1000 ms. = 1s)

So why the sync stops after a few sec.? any help please …

Sorry for my previous post, I made a mistake on the wiring of the button to the pin DIO4.
Now it works as expected :slight_smile: