Question about API mode

I am working on a project that I will be using 3 xbees in total.

I have the Sparkfun xbee usb board for programming aswell as the older Arduino uno.

I will be using microchip microcontrollers for the project in the end, so my problem is that i cant seem to get the xbees to talk with eachother in api mode when using just a generic FTDI-ttl cable.

I can get them to successfully communicate when i use the arduino in reset mode and the sparkfun xbee adapter board.

ive tried usng the example packet of:

7E 00 0A 01 01 50 01 00 48 65 6C 6C 6F B8

Am i missing something?


I think that there is no problem in this frame as long as frame data is checked.

Unless it offers information more, where a problem is cannot answer.