i am not able to send data from xctu to arduino

Hello all

i am trying to communicate two xbees. one on arduino board another with xctu connected by usb as in the following link

the problem is am able to send data from arduino but i am not able to send anything from xctu software to arduino

please help

If communication is working 1 way then check if addressing is proper on module connected on XCTU side.

thanks for reply .i checked addresses in both module. destination address set properly.

After re-reading your post I understand you have Arduino -> PC working but not PC -> Arduino.

  1. In API mode the problem could be frame addressing issue.

  2. It could be a hardware handshaking issue.

Try connecting both XBee’s to the PC to get access to both terminal interfaces for additional troubleshooting.

thanks for all your reply. but now my xbees are in 1. router AT mode 2. co coordinator AT.
Next if i use two usb adapter it works good that is “TWO WAY COMMUNICATION”. so i think both xbees are proper. but still i am not able to succeed in two way communication.

i dont know of hardware hand shaking thinks can you help me in this ?

Most likely not. But you should not that most Arduino code wants the radios in API mode. What I would suggest is removing the XBee module from the Arduino and then connecting the XBee socket to the PC and a Terminal Emulator so you can see what is coming out. By doing this, you will be able to verify if you are using the proper port in your code and what you expect to come out to the radio is what you think it is.

Hello all i tried sparkfun help center email too but no reply.
i checked all above suggestion so far nothing happening

If you take the Arduino out of the picture, are you able to communicate back and forth?

yes its working properly if i take out arduino both sides.

Double check the addresses you are providing in your API frames. The beginning address should be 0013A200.

I just also thought of something else. Most sample arduino code wants the XBee in API mode 2.

i have not experimented with xbee in API mode. So far what i have tried has made me to come to a conclusion that its not possible for 2 way chat communication using xbee and arduino on both sides.

according to me 2 way chat communication is not possible using xbee in AT mode with arduino.
Anybody please relpy if i am wrong

No that is not entirely correct. Yes, API mode is the preferred method and the rout that all of the available libraries have taken. So unless you want to write the connection entirely from scratch and without any lib files, you need to use API mode.

Still after all these discussion my question remains unanswered. can i get any help with API mode operations??

Still after all these discussion my question remains unanswered. can i get any help with API mode operations??

I am having the same problem here :((
Please inform me if you already got the right solution.