Communication between PXbee and normal Xbee

Sorry,I am a beginner. I want to ask how to use PXbee(by code not X-CTU) to send message to nomal Xbee. For example “hello world”. Because when I use uart_write(&rdata, 1);
the rdata will be sent to the PC by the uart instead of the radio. So the normal Xbee which connected with the PXbee cant receive the message.

What is a PXbee? Do you mean Programmable XBee module?

Yes ,programmable Xbee.

Try using the Sample Chat application in the SDK. That sample application is designed for doing just what you want. It shows you how to send data to an XBee module from the programmable xbee.

Thank u very much. I saw the simple_chat_ZB project. But It need X-Stick running as coordinator. Can I use only two programmable Xbee, one is set as coordinator and another set as router? What’s more, It need to input the address “XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX”. Is it the MAC address?

Sure you can. You can use any Zigbee Certified module as the Coordinator, router or End device. It is the process on how to send and receive data over the RF buffers that you care about.