Xbee Programmable device not work

I have 2 Xbee S2C Programmable (XB24CZ7PITB003).

  • 1 Xbee connected to Arduino
  • 1 Xbee connected to Computer (USB)

I want send data from Arduino to Computer(USB Port).
I don’t program for Xbee (Default).
I used XCTU to test Xbee -> OK
I pulled out and plugged in XBee again
I use TeraTerm to test the received data -> Not receive
I re-connected XBee with XCTU -> OK
Note: For the first time, On Screen “Add radio device”, i must check on “The radio module is programmable”
The next time do not need

After I turn off the XCTU, TeraTerm can receive data.

I notice this: First, after plugging Xbee into the computer must connect to the XCTU.
So I want to not connect to XCTU but still use TeraTerm to receive data.

How can i make it working?
I must program Xbee?