Programmable Xbee not recognised by XCTU

I have purchased a couple of programmable XBEE’s and I am trying to configure these with XCTU , and using this shield .

XCTU is not recognising the module (even when I check “The Radio Module is programmable” on xctu . Is it case that the shield is not right for this module? or am i missing something?


That is not going to work. You need to write and port over a bootloader application on the Freescale processor first using a BDM programmer. That board you are using does not allow you to do that.

i got that problem too. but my platform was with aurdino. the fault that i did was TX RX pin. so connect the TX pin to TX pin and RX pin to RX pin. and if u r using aurdino pls short the RST and GND pin.