Communication between xbee end device, router and coordinator

Hello, I have three Xbee Series 2, grove development boards. Node 1 is configured as an end device which has sensor data coming from an arduino board. Node 2 is a router which receives data from node 1, while node 3 is a coordinator which is connected to the PC, which communicates with the XCTU. I have configured PAN ID same for all three nodes. I made DH and DL of node 1 as SH and SL of node 2, and DH and DL of node 2 as SH and SL of node 3, while for coordinator I made DH and DL as 0. It is seen that sensor data is being received from node 1 to node 2, but from node 2, data is not communicated to node 3. No data is available in the XCTU terminal. While I tested for two nodes, it is working. When I introduced one more node (node 2) , data is not transferred to node 3. Kindly suggest what might be the issue. Thank you.

Hi Aravind

You should configure DH and DL on origin node with address of destination itself and shouldn’t worry about routing path. The Zigbee network will take care of it.

Currently, node 3 is transmitting data to node2 and node 2 is going to output it on its UART Out pin.

Digi Technical Support

Thanks Mr Mathur. Sure. I will try it out and update in this regard.

Thank you

The main difference between these is that the end devices cannot route the traffic, the routers can route the traffic, and the coordinator, in addition to routing the traffic, is also responsible for forming the network first.

Thanks Mathur. It is working now, but I noticed something. Node 1 can talk to Node 3 (coordinator) directly without Node 2. Even though I remove node 2, communication takes place from Node 1 to Node 3. I wanted also to involve Node 2. It should be like Node 1 –> Node 2 —> Node 3. Node 2 has to relay data from 1 to 3. I was working towards this. Any suggestions?

Hello Mr. Ronald Munoz, I was actually able to relay data from end node to coordinator directly. It is working. I introduced one more node, and I made it as router, and now from the router I am not able to get any data to the coordinator which is connected to xctu.