Communication Xbee S3B - Raspberry


I’m working with a raspberry pi2 and with a xbee pro S3B, and I need to achieve the communication of two xbee connected to two raspberrys, initially I’m only reading data from one of the xbee, using serial port and the following code:

import serial

ser= serial.Serial(‘/dev/ttyUSB0’, 9600)
print ‘Conectando puerto serial’

while True:
incoming = ser.readline().strip()
print ‘Recibo: %s’ % incoming

I already included the Serial and Xbee-Python libraries in the terminal, but when I run this algorithm, it doesn’t show me anything in the terminal, I did the same test with an xbee S2B and i can do the communication.

I would like to know if it is necessary to configure something else or if this communication can’t be done.



What firmware version are you working with on your XBee modules?

I have the XBP6B-Dm Product Family and i’ve tried with the 8074 Firmware Version

I think you meant the part to be XBP9B-DM. Try setting the AP command to 1 or 2. Most Arduino code wants the XBee to be in API mode.