RPi 3 and XBeee not working

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I bought two XBee S2C and a RPi3. I can send data from my RPi3-Xbee to the computer-Xbee but i cannot receive. I have followed the below steps:

1- change uart from bluetooth to pins:

a- core_freq=250
b- force_turbo=0
c- dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt
d- enable_uart=1
2- my pytho program is

from xbee import XBee
import serial

while True:

Did I miss somthing ? I am trying to solve it since yesterday :s

PS: when using the XCTu the two xbee communicates without any problem

if I am understanding what it is you want to do, I believe you need to put your ser.readline in a while loop to make sure that you read everything out of the UART after it is received and not before.