Comunication X24-019 and X24-009

Hello Guys,

I am wondering if some one has experience using X24-019 and X24-009 for sending messages between each other…

I have tried already doing the configuration but it is not working and it is frustrating… that It work properly between X24-009 and X24-009… but not between X24-019 and X24-019 or X24-009 and X24-019.

Thanks for the support. [B-)]

The X24-019 will not communicate with the X09-009. The over the air data rates are different (19200 bps vrs 9600 bps)

If you cannot get X24-019 to communicate with another X24-019. The reasons could be various. I would start by setting both back to factory defaults and set your PC or device interface baud rate to 19,200 bps.