Comunication Xbee S1 Coordinator to End Device

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I am new in the Xbee world, I have 4 Xbee S1 802.15.4, that 3 are end device and one a coordinator.

The end devices transmit good to coordinator.The coordinator is conect to Raspberry Pi via USB with a Xbee USB Explorer. The comunication is through serial and can see the data for the end devices, use python.But how can send a signal from the coordinator to each end device for wait to start the transmission.

In this moment I have the configuration in API Mode.

Thank you

You use a Tx Request packet but it is going to be dependent on your Code on what you expect to receive as the payload to determine when to send data back.

That is you need to think of the radio (XBee) as nothing more than a cable between the devices. What ever you send on that cable needs to tell the device on the other end what to do.