Configure ME unit through serial port

My local distributor told me that it is possible to configure a ME device through the serial port, even if there has been no prior setup done over ethernet. It is supposed to be possible after toggling some signals. During power up, maybe? Neither they nor we have been able to find the details on this in the documentation, yet.

Note: It is supposed to be different from the mode you get on the evaluation board when the P5/MFG jumper is set.

Can any of you confirm that there is such a setup possibility?



Take a look at the S series of ME modules. The C series does not have the capability.

What the S series does is give a serial interface that allows the user to upgrade firmware via TFTP, reset the memory/nvram, test the memory, etc.

To upload firmware via the serial port directly you need to write a program with the Dev kit to do so.