Configure Xbee SC2 to faster communication

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I have two Xbee SC2 modules.

I need to use an Xbee to make an ADC simply by feeding with an external 3.3 volt source. The Coordinator is connected to a computer and will receive the data from the “Router” or “End Device” The problem is that this source is a charging pump and I need to configure the devices to optimize the connection time between both devices. If I connect both devices via USB the data sending takes less than a second but if I use the 3.3 volt source it takes about 10 seconds and this may not be possible. I need to set them up to send as fast as possible.

The possible firmwares i can load on xbees are:

  • 802.15.4.TH
  • DigiMesh 2.4 TH
  • ZIGBEE TH Reg.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance