Configure XBee Znet serie to 7 bits data serial link


I would like to configure the serial link on XBee Znet as follow:

7 bits of data
1 bit Stop
Even parity
1200 bauds

All I can find is to set up at 8 bits.
What can I do to set it up to 7 bits ? Is there any solution for that?

The ZNet 2.5 radio uses 8 databits, but the only configureable parameter is parity. If you select No Parity, it will assume 8 databits for data. If you select Odd/Even parity, it assumes 7 databits for data.

Also, if you set parity, make sure you change the PC Settings tab to conform to the parity, and therefore also word length, that you’ve chosen.

I would also like to configure the serial link on XBee Znet2.5 (latest firmware)to:

7 bits of data
1 bit Stop
Even parity
300 baud

“Admins” reply that if the parity is set to even the module will assume 7 bits is incorrect OR it does not work for me. When I set the module to even parity, the XBee still uses 8 data bits.

Is there a way to get 7 data bits?

To the radio, 8N1 = 7E1, so its to the external device connected to the XBee that this matters. If the serial devices connected to your XBees are set for 7E1 on both ends of the wireless link, you’ll see clean data.

What you say is correct. But then you cannot +++ into the Xbee module. If I try this in X-CTU I get “+++Unable to monitor com events”.

Is there a workaround for this?

No workaround is necessary. My guess is that you changed the parity setting of the XBee to something other than “none”. Since 8N1 = 7E1 to the radio, no parameter change is necessary on the radio.

With my XBee at default of no parity, I can +++ to it and read the module configuration with my PC Settings set to either 8N1 or 7E1 (or 7O1 for that matter) without changing any settings on the radio at all.


C and R are left as standard.
PC set to 300 bps, 7E1.

+++ on Router (firmware 1247) does not work.
+++ on coordinator (firmware 1047) works.