Connect Core 6 SBC using three camera.

Now, I using CC6SBC.
I want to evaluate the status 3-camera parallel running.

I get 2 OV5642-parallel camera modules.
And I will get OV5640 MIPI camera (at e-consystems).

At 1st, I use 1 camera OV5642, connect CSI0.

And I modify device tree. I disable MIPI camera.
Because, unexpected I2C (SCCB) initializing.

So, OV5642 module is enabled. some signals are generated.
SCCB setting is checked (by logic analyzer).

But, Error is displayed “V4L2 slave is not found”.

I want to solve this error.

and after that, I want to use three cameras.

I want to know, how to analyze this problem.

Please help.

Are you still interested in making this work? I could give support