Connect Core 6: Wif: How to connect to access point via CLI


I have a connect core 6 SBC and have installed the pre-compiled yocto linux installation. I want to connect the onboard wifi to my access point that uses WPA2. I tried using iwconfig to connect to the access point but it fails with
Error for wireless request “Set Encode” (8B2A) :
SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument.

I’m guessing this is because of the WPA2. Can someone please recommend steps to connect to an access point. Furthermore, I would like to enable ssh so any instructions on that with regards to the connect core platform would be great.


you cafe to edit your wpa_supplicant to contain your network configuration - something like this should work:
ssid=“Your SSID Here”
pairwise=CCMP TKIP

ssh should already be enabled.

I’m sorry I added a question when a comment would have done. I use wpa_client which added my AP creds to the wpa_supplicant.conf file though with far fewer keys (ssid and psk only).
I was able to connect to the AP, but don’t know what tool is available to setup DHCP. Can you please point me in the right direction?


You can configure the Ethernet settings (IP, netmask, and so on) using the configuration file /etc/network/interfaces. You can manually configure and bring the interface up/down using the ifconfig program

see example here: