How to set-up Connect Core 6 SBC for WLAN access point ?

Now I try to set-up WLAN0 access-point on Connect Core 6 SBC.

I create image based on fsl-image-multimedia-full.

And add conf/local.conf

EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURE = " … dey-network … "

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " hostap "

root@ccimx6sbc:~# /etc/init.d/hostapd restart
Stopping HOSTAP Daemon: stopped /usr/sbin/hostapd (pid 1148)
Starting HOSTAP Daemon: Configuration file: /etc/hostapd.conf
Using interface wlan0 with hwaddr 00:04:f3:ff:ff:fb and ssid “test”
wlan0: interface state UNINITIALIZED->ENABLED

root@ccimx6sbc:~# iwconfig wlan0
wlan0 IEEE 802.11abgn Mode:Master Tx-Power=17 dBm
Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
Power Management:on


On Windows-PC search ssid “test”, but can not connection.

I want to connect PC to CC6-SBC-server by wireless-LAN.

Run http server on CC6SBC, and PC access by web-browser.

So, Any other packages are needed ?

Please help.

Hello, It seems like your question is not clear?
You want to use cc6 as a AccessPoint OR CC6 as a web server?
Go through the below link, it may helpful.|System%2520development|Technical%2520notes|_____2