Connect Core 9c - TFT screen TTL 18 bits interface

I think I solved the problem with the connector of my screen (PRIME VIEW PD050VX2). I think I have to use two FPC-30pins connectors but i always have an question about LCD clock and synchronisation signals.On the development board, we have:


But with the LCD screen connector, we have:

  • Horizontal Start Pulse Signal
  • Vertical Shift Pulse Signal
  • Horizontal Shift Clock
  • Vertical Shift Clock

I don’t know if there is a link between these differents signals but if anyone know how to (and if we can) connect this screen on the board…

In the technical documentation of the screen, they say in “features”: “TTL transmission interface”, so i hope the screen is compatible with the interface of Connect Core 9C.

Thanks !


I think (not completely sure) that the names could be linked like this:

LCD HSYNC - Horizontal start pulse signal
LCD VSYNC - Vertical shift pulse signal
LCD CLK - H/V shift clock (either or both)