Connect Core 9C - TFT screens

Hi all,

Can I connect any kind of TFT screen with a digital interface to the Connect Core 9c? I would like to use a 5" TFT screen PRIME VIEW PD050VX2 (, but it seems that the connector of this screen cannot be plugged into the connector of the Connect Core 9c Development Board (DF9-31).

If this screen is compatible with the lcd controller of the Connect Core 9c, is there an easy way to connect it to the board? Else, does anyone know TFT screens of 5" or under(3.8") which have a connector which can be plugged into the LCD connector of the Connect Core 9c Development Board?

Thanks !


Hi Pierre,

I’ve successfuly connected a DataImage 5.4" display to the CC9C Jumpstartkit using WinCE 6.00 However I had to make an interface board to do the job.