Touch Screen Issue

I’m using the ConnectCore 9C with Windows CE 6.0 and I’m having trouble getting the touch screen to work at all. I’ve looked through the Catalog View for the platform that I’m building and as far as I can tell, I have included everything in there having to do with touch screen, but it just doesn’t work.

Any ideas what could be my problem?


I have the same problem. I measured the SPI signals, though they look fine, so I guess you have to change the mode settings of the associated SPI. This is not a big thing, but I haven’t got the time to check this yet.

If you’ve solved the problem by now, please let me know



Generally you just need to go to Third Party\BSP[platform]\Drivers

Select your screen.
Set Serial Port B to SPI.
Enable the ADS touch controller.

Sometimes a normal clean isn’t good enough. Gotta do a “Build->Advanced->Rebuild and Clean Sysgen” This takes a really long time, but it ensures that the changes you made will actually get put into your image.

I hope this helps,

Did you verify the polarity of the SPI during read and write?

Hi ,

Have you selected ,what type of touch screen are you using from the serial console ? like
At serial console
#setenv video displayfb:LQ070Y3DG3B