Connect ES

What is the Locator LED? It flickers orange and I can’t find any documentation.

The locator LED is can be used by someone trying to locate a specific Digi Connect ES product.
For example, if someone had several products but was not sure which one was which, the locator LED could be activated and then the products can be visually examined to determine the correct one.

Thank you for the reply, however I’m still not sure I understand. the locator LED I’m referring to is an actual LED light (orange) on the unit, we see them flicker on occasion but also are often inactive - wasn’t sure if it showed serial activity…?

No, the Locator LED should not flicker because there is serial data or serial activity.
It should only flicker when it is activated.
The Serial LEDs for each port light when the serial port is opened. They stay lit regardless if serial data is transmitted or received, as long as the port is opened.
Do you have the latest firmware 82001234_D installed?