Connect ME does not connect to the network

Hi. I am having the same problem in several modules.
All are Connect ME 4MB -S modules. After working correctly for several days or weeks, they stop working.
The problem is that they do not connect to the network. The modules are connected to the network through switches. The switch has LEDs that indicate when a device has been connected, but when I connect the Connect ME module the switch LED does not turn on.

I can also observe that when I connect power to the Connect ME module, the green LED flashes 3 times, then the orange LED flashes 2 times and finally the green LED flashes again a number of times. Then the two LEDs remain off.

I have tried a factory reset by setting pin 20 (/ INIT) to GND for more than 30 seconds but everything remains the same.

If your modules are under warranty, please open a support ticket and request RMA. If this happens on multiple modules, please also request a Failure Analysis.