Unable to Factory Reset ConnectME 9210

After loading the firmware to my Connect ME 9210 the green ethernet activity LED is solid green and I cannot communicate with the module.

I attempted to factory reset the module by turning the device off, shorting pin 20 to ground, turning the power on, waiting 30+ seconds, and then removing the short between pin20-gnd. This did not work and showed no sign of doing anything. The ethernet activity led stays solid green thoughout the whole process; it turns on as soon as power is applied and does not turn off unless power is removed.

If I plug the module to a switch using an ethernet cable the ethernet link LED does turn a solid yellow, but the activity led stays solid green at all times. Attempting to factory reset with the ethernet link established with my switch did not help either.

Am I attempting to factory reset the module incorrectly? How should I go about re-establishing comms with the module? Is there another way to factory reset the module physically as I have no comms?

is this a -S-UPW module? The factory reset instructions are here:

If the factory reset procedure did not work and the module is still under warranty please open a support case and request an RMA by sending an email to tech.support@digi.com