ConnectCore 6 SBC versions 1 and 2

I see there are two versions of the ConnectCore 6 SBC as noted in the Getting Started Guide ( version 1 (30014752-01) and version 2 (30014752-02). When I look at the SBC datasheet at the main distributors product pages (Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow etc.) I see version 1 SBC judging from the connector layout. I am interested in the version 2 because of some additional connectors it has - is there a way to get the version 2 SBC for development somehow?

I am specifically interested in the parallel camera connectors - on version 2 both connectors are the same and thus one needs to design once for both cameras only.

Hello, To the best of my knowledge currently it’s available only version 1. If you are looking for version 2 module,please contact Digi sales department at the below link, They will provide you more details.