ConnectCore6 miniPCIe cellular module


I am currently trying to use a HUAWEI ME909u-521 cellular module with a ConnectCore6 sbc board.

I have recompiled the OS using the “Cellular user guide” provided by DIGI.

The board is booting correctly and the cellular module is detected when I use the lsubs command. It is also possible to send AT command to the module using minicom.

Now I want to bring up a network interface for this module. I have manually add this config in the /etc/networking/interface:

iface eth1 inet manual
apn internet-enterprise
pin 0000

After that I restart the networking service but no eth1 interface is bringing up. I can’t guess where the problem can be.

If someone can help me it would be nice from you.

Best regards

Hello, I hope you are using the latest yocto version 2.0.r1?

Try the below command and check
#ifup eth1

Still if you are facing the issue, I suggest that
add the configurations in local.conf as mentioned at below link then create the image and test.|System%2520development|Technical%2520notes|_____1

Still if you are facing the issue, contact digi technical support.


Hello ,

Yes I am using the latest verion (2.0)

I tried to run the ifup eth1 command but nothing happens. There is no eth1 interface after runninf an ifconfig.

I already add the right config in the local.conf file like that:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append=" wvdial networkmanager modemmanager usb-modeswitch"

CELLULAR_APN = “internet-enterprise”