Connecting XBee Modules to a Breadboard


I am running Linux on a BeagleBone Black, i.e. Debian. Now, that is not the issue. I am having complications finding header pins that are premade to make my XBee modules accessible via a breadboard. I do not need an adapter board or a socket board w/ chips on it.

I just need premade header pins that go from 2 mm to 2.5 mm for breadboard testing.

Is there a company that produces such a header? I have looked and online companies keep telling me, like SparkFun and, to solder parts to adpater boards. I would rather not solder anything just yet.

I would rather go w/ a straight header from the XBee to the breadboard and then test.

If you know of such a header, please try to contact me w/ any related links or companies that sell these headers.


Hello Again,

All I had to do was to discuss it here. I found something, at least one of these already made boards, like what I was discussing w/out having to solder.