Connection to internet

I want to establish a connection to the internet using my RCM3000 kit.
How can i do it.

Can anyone through light on how to establish a connection to the internet using AT commands through RCM3000 kit.

You are not giving enough information,
I assume from your reference of “AT” commands, you have your rabbit connected to a GSM module through a RS232 connection.
Now do you want a -> Dialup internet connection
-> GPRS internet connection
-> 3G or similar internet connection

Can you already “talk” with your GSM modem, i.e. send it an AT command and read the OK response?

Think I sussed it - on my user the internet connection had been set to using a proxy connection. Removed it and all is OK I think.

I am having a GPS-GSM kit . RCM2020 supports Dynamic C.
GSM module is Wavecom Q2403 type. Antenna is Passive and integrated.It has a SIM holder. operating mode SMS only.
The GSM module can be used to send and receive SMS and also to study and learn the AT commands.

Using the above kit , i want to transmit data to a remote server.
As far as i know. The kit that we have supports gprs.
So is it that, i need to connect to internet using only AT commands…

I am thinking of transferring data to remote server using e-mail(smtp).Then at the server side will program an application that reads from smtp server.

One more thing , i already programmed the kit to send , receive , delete SMS.

see that attached sample.

Good luck

Thanks for your help .
I only have one doubt. For this program to work is there any assumption like…Connection is already established and so we are able to send email through the kit…
The program that you gave does it automatically establishes a connection with the internet and then sends an email through smtp.
Do reply … waiting

Yes, the sample brings up the PPP interface and then establishes an SMTP connection and send the email.