Connection xbee with tuya sensor


I like to build a weather station with an outdoor sensor with

How can I get this sensor connected to the XBee S1 in order to read
sensor data?

I need only temperature & humidity of one outdoor sensor.

XCTU recognise XBee S1. I can change to API-Mode and Coordinator-Mode.
I expected that XBee will find sensor but it doesn’t.

Now I think that I miss something important.

Can you help?


The sensor you are using needs to be a 0 - 3V analog output sensor that is connected to an ADC line of the XBee. You also need to have that line enabled on the module.

Hi mvut,

Thanks for your answer.

I’m aware of your proposed solution but then there is no need for XBee S1 and Sensor ZTH01.

Both Xbee S1 and ZTH01 can IEEE 802.15.4 Only point-to-point Connection is needed
which Xbee S1 supports.

Aim is to read ZTH01 temperature and humidity by Arduino using this Xbee module.

Is that generally possible? If yes then how?

Is that connection between Xbee and sensor generally possible or where is the problem located?

No expert around who can help?

I did some more research and I don’t see this working with the XBee S1. You would need a product that works with the Zigbee Home Automation protocol. Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor ZTH01 Zigbee compatibility

That would be more like the XBee3 or XBee S2C modules.