Read Ligh/temperature/humidity Xbee sensor with xbee series 2


I have an interface board with an Xbee module series 2(imposted modem as Znet 2.5 router/coordinator device at with S/N 13A20040628401 ) and a Xbee sensor(S/N 0013A200403B0D02).

My aim is to get the temperature,the light and humidity measure over AT command. How i can do it?

Help me

Thank you.

Could you please post the 5000xxxx number seen on the underside of the XBee Sensor, as well as the firmware versions of both modules? The serial number isn’t very useful information to assist you unfortunately.

If the sensor is Digi Sensor, you can query for IS parameter.
You can also set IR = non zero value to get ADC readings at particular intervals from the Sensor(Periodic sampling)