xbee programmable and xbee l/t sensor adapter

So, does anyone know how to get temperature and light data from a xbee l/t sensor adapter with code warrior and a xbib&xbee-pro zb programmable ?
Or you can point me to a tutorial or something to read how to do it?
i want,for example, if the value of temperature is over a threshold one led on the xbib to blink.


In the XBee L/T sensor, the sensors are interface to XBee AIO pins.
e.g. Light –> AD1
Temperature –> AD2

This will give 10 bit ADC value and that value need to be converted to temperature or light by further calculation.

There are different ways to get the remote XBee IO pins data.
1> Queried Sampling –> We can get all the remote node IO data by sending Remote AT command ‘IS’
2> Periodic Sampling –> Here the IR parameter on the remote XBee need to be set to some milliseconds to set duration between two readings. And DH and DL to the local XBee SH and SL. So periodically ‘ZigBee IO Data Sample Rx Indicator’ frame (Frame ID 0x92) would be received at the UART port of the local XBee. In case of Programmable XBee it would be received at the UART port of EM250 RF chip.