What has to be set in order to receive data from XBee Sensor L/T/H

Hello everybody!

I am trying to get the data from mentioned sensor (temperature, humidity and light) with XBee PRO S2B module, which is plugged into computer USB port, but haven’t had any luck. So what would I like to know is this:
- what has to be configured on sensor in order to send data to the XBee(coordinator)
- I know I must set it’s PAN ID … should DH and DL also be set to coordinator address?
- anything else?
- should coordinator be in API or AT mode, or it does not matter?
- How can I read data from sensor … can it be configured to send me data periodically … if yes, which settings parameter is responsible for that? How to read it manually?

As for software part, I will be using .NET MF with mftoolkit from codeplex. If someone has any experiance with it, could he give me some info/tutorial of how to use it in this case or at least some pseudocode/procedure … I would appreciate that a lot! :slight_smile:

Thanks for any info!


XBee sensor can join the coordinator network by pressing four times dent button.

Now To get the sensor data from xbee sensor, you need to have coordinator in the API mode.

If the coordinator is in API mode, you can also set settings on the xbee sensor using either X-CTU software – Modem configuration – Remote management – open COM port – discover – select xbee sensor and click read on the modem configuration tab.

For, getting periodic data, you can set IR to specific period in milli seconds and and DH and DL of xbee sensor to SH and SL of coordinator. You will receive periodic frames sending analog values. To know more about received frame refer to ZigBee product manual.