3 Xbee Pro S2 + Arduino

Hello, guys!

I’m trying to make a star tipology using 3 Xbee Pro S2 sensors, 1 Arduino an sensors for measuring some things (temperature, humidity, air pressure and UV intensity).

First of all, I tried to make a communication between 2 Xbees (coordinator and end device).
Both of them are configured by XCTU on AT an are connected to an laptop with an explorer shield (sparkfun).
I opened two windows of XCTU and send frames from end device to coordinator from XCTU console (this works fine).
I set up the End device to provide to Coordinator info on every 20 seconds.

Next step, I want to connect a sensor to End device to send the information to Coordinator every 20 seconds, but doesn’t work (I set the DIO0 pin to ADC an I connected DHT11 to this pin - I tried with Digital Input, also).

Do you have any idea what I need to do?

Thank you!

Did you set the Coordinator in API mode?

Yes. I did something with a LED and it is working, but I want to connect a ML8511 sensor to xbee. I configured the end device DIO0 to ADC, but I received wrong information about uvIntesity.