Xbee Sensor Configuration

Hi all,
I’ve just bought two Xbee Sensors and i’m trying to integrate them with my XStick ZB.

The joining process has been successful, i can see indeed on my XCTU all the devices on my network.

I’ve two question, because i’ve not found any documentation about that devices:

  • how can i read value of temperature/humidity/luminosity from the Xbee Sensor?
  • is it possibile to configure the sensors in order to send that data each X seconds to my XStick?

Thank you all.

PS: please, do not answer me providing python-based solution. I’m developing a java solution and i’m not interested about it.

You may not like the answer but the truth is that the data you are looking for on how to read the ADC data and use the proper math to convert the data is all within the Sample Python applications provided in the Digi ESP.

Note that I am not telling you that you need to use Python. What I am simply stating is that the data you are looking for is already written in Python and you can see how to do that using the python samples.