Receive LTH data using XBee Sensors and XStick

I have two XBEE LTH sensors and one XStick. The links are below.

I have set the XSTICK as the coordinator as well as setup the two Xbee sensors in XCTU however I am having trouble figuring out how to receive the L/T/H data. Some questions for example, what IDE or programming language should I use? Do I have the right setup?

My goal is to just plot the L/T/H data on my laptop over time.

I’m also aware that the ConnectPortX has some sort of setup for python however it seems a bit pricy and was wondering if I could do without.

The ADC data is supplied on Digi’s Hex API frames that should be showing up on your XStick’s COM port.

You can use any software you so choose to read the data. Just understand that the data is supplied in Hex format.

I would suggest using the Python files to get an idea of how to parse the data, read it and convert it to a value you can understand.