XBee LTH Sensors, how can I read data?


I am new to XBee LTH. How can I read the data from the sensor. I have uploaded digizigbeedriver.py.

I don’t know the next step


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Branched this post off its original thread, since this is about taking a reading from the sensor, and the other post was about someone not being able to discover his sensor on the PAN.

What you will want to do is use a different sample than the one you mentioned in your post. Go to the following page and download Python Drivers for Digi Adapters:

Within the zip file, you’ll find another zip called DigiXBeeDrivers.zip, which contains a file called xbee_sensor.py. This is the sample code you’re looking for.

If you have a Digi gateway, form network between gateway and sensor, you can run xbee_sensor.py.
You can also use of periodic sampling and get the sensor data in form of frames and parse the frame using python running on the gateway.