How to read data from XBee on Connect Port

I’m completely new to Python programming and have browsed through the documentation from Digi without finding something I could use.

I have a ConnectPort X8 at which a network of XBee nodes are sending data now and then. The number of nodes are not static, nodes come and go. I want to read the data from the nodes and parse it on to a web page, by using urllib.

The parsing to the web page is straight forward, but how do I read the incoming data from the nodes? Any example code or a point in the right direction is highly appreciated.

If you are using Periodic sampling, then nodes sends the data to the Connect Port(gateway) at particular interval defined by IR command on the nodes.
You would bind on the socket (“”, 0xe8, 0xc105, 0x92) to receive all incoming ‘IS’ responses and decode them per the XBee documentation. Latest Documents can be found in Digi website under Support