How do I use my connectport to read the serial data from xbees?

I have 3 xbees connected to products we make. The box we make sends an odometer value to the RX pin on the xbee. Doing local testing with an xbee set as a coordinator we know that it does what we want it to do. The xbees are now connected to a connectport x2 linked to the device cloud. How do I read that serial value in the device cloud?

You’ll need the xbee to send the data to the xbee inside of the X2. Then the data needs to get sent to the cloud.

In order to receive the data on the X2 you’ll need a python application listening on a zigbee socket. You’ll do a socket recv() to get the data. In order to forward the data to the cloud you’ll need use one of it’s interfaces. Data Streams is pretty common:|Data%20Streams|_____0

Data Files is another method:|_____18