Connectport X2e - basic doubt

Dear friends,

I have trying to set Arduino based wireless sensor with Xbee for university project. Recent, bought Connectport X2e with Wi-fi /Ethernet version.

Able to connect to device cloud and see the End device/router XBee. Here is the doubt, how to read the data from End device on device cloud.

On Arduino serial port output is " Sensor 1: Temp : 25C".

1)How to get the same data on device cloud? On Arduino side, I do not use any Xbee library… Xbee used just as radio to upload data server.

  1. I tried XIG on Connectport with I/O Sample HTTP Trigger example…but it not easy as thought.

  2. My aim is: Send data to our own server( PHP/MySQL) using Connectport. In that case, how to use Digi ESP python? (using Win7 for development).

I think, missing some basic concepts. :frowning:

Any suggestion welcome…have to done this project in 2 weeks.

Many thanks,

Might want to look into DIA for an easy way to send data up to the Device Cloud:

Specifically “idigi_db” might be of interest.

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