Device Cloud, ConnectPort X2, and Data Transformation

I am very new to the Digi world, and am having a devil of a time trying to understand how I can accomplish the following scenario.

  1. An xbee sends an analog data sample to the ConnectPort X2 each second.

  2. The value is converted from the raw data to a temperature value.

  3. The temperature value is stored in the Device Cloud.

Currently I am able to perform steps 1 and 3, but am unable to figure out how to accomplish step 2.

A Couple notes:

  • I am running on an X2 and have been told by Digi support that they recommend moving to an X4 if I want to run Dia. This may be the long term plan, but for now I’d like to use the X2’s that I have, so apparently Dia is not an option. (?)

  • Though I believe it would allow me to send data using Xig, I would like to avoid introducing a micro controller or other device into the data flow due to power restrictions.

I really appreciate any help.

Any updates on this question would be nice?


If you don’t want to use DIA you can write python code for sending the data to Device cloud.
But using DIA is the easy and simple way.

for step 2, you will need to receive and parse the IS packet that the xbee sends you. See pgs. 95-97 in the xbee product guide:

I’m working on the same solution and I’m also in trouble with the second point of ccherbst’s list. I’ve tried DIA and XIG. I get both working and both are sending data from my netzwork to the device cloud. But where can I make transformations like Integer values to degree or other?
In DIA are only Devices for digi AIO Adapters, but I’d like to use my own Nodes.