xbee_lth_sensor missing from Digi ESP for Python

Hello , I’m a new owner for an x2 ConnectPort and 2 LTH sensors.
I’ve downloaded and installed the Digi ESP for python which comes with several samples.
Thought the software has been updated via the Package Manager , It is still lacking the template “new python sample application project” for an LTH model.
I’m not a coder and I’m not able to write from scratch an application. My objective it is simply sensing the measurements without the usage of the cloud service.
How should I proceed? Can a working-sample for LTH being downloadable somewhere? Not only I’m looking for the sensorlth.py , but the whole src package including the xbeelth.py and all the rest of files.
Any advises? Thanks a million

There is an LTH driver in the Dia application. You can build this from the ESP. Do a search on ‘Dia’ in the ‘help -> contents’ menu.

You’ll see how to build the Dia. Once you do that, open the dia.yml configuration file. You will then be able to click the ‘add’ button to pull in the Xbee Sensor (LTH) device Driver.