XCTU Sensor Data

Hi, how can we obtain sensor data from one XBee, transmit it to second XBee and view the received the sensor data (for example temperature), in XCTU?

That depends on what the sensor outputs.

If it is ADC data, then enable the ADC line on the TX module and set an IR rate.
On the receiving side, set it for API mode.

If the sensor has a 3V CMOS, simple connect the UART’s accordingly. Then set the DL/DH to the SL and SH of the other. Then read the data like you would on a serial cable.

Any example, please ?

Any example, please ?

There are examples within the XBee 3 product manual and in the Py Charm plugin. They allow access to the I2C sensor on the Development board that connects to the XBee I2C interface.

You can also connect a standard 1.2V Temp sensor or water sensor to one of the ADC inputs on the XBee. The receiving module would need to be in API mode to receive the ADC data as outlined in the product manual.

I wish to see the temp data like this ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIBq0KLqWLA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma62FIlCKlo ), but without arduino. Any help?