XBee S1 read only the data values from API mode

I have two XBees S1-one attached to a temperature sensor. This Xbee reads analog values, converts them into digital values thanks to the ADC and transmits them. The other XBee - the receiver, is connected to a computer via a USB Explorer. This XBee works in API mode. The XBee connected to a computer receives the data send by the transmitter. I monitor the received values with the X-CTU software, version 6.2.0. Up until this point, everything works fine.

However, the problem that I encounter is that the data received on the computer is coded: there are bits corresponding to the address of the receiver, bits corresponding to the address of the sender, the data itself, acknowledgment bits,etc. My question is how can I extract only the data bits without all th other information send by the transmitter?

I tried to read the values with a USB to TTL cable, connecting this cable to the Tx, Rx,GND and 5V(there is a 5V input in the USB Explorer despite that the XBee works at 3.3V) of the receiver XBee and using the screen command in Linux. However, in this way I receive ASCII characters and I want to receive the binary code. I want to put those values in a database in order to be able to treat them later.

Thank you for your assistance.

You are going to need to read the data as Binary Intel Hex data and then parse the data.

hi I am doing the same design, with only difference that I am using accelerometer sensor ADXL 345 connected directly to xbee s2 radio and other xbee is connected to pc via usb adapter. I want to know how did you extracted the digital data from received data

I used a Python library for XBee to extract the data send by the transmitter. As a result,you can get the data from the XBee with a simple Python script.

Here is a link to the library I am talking about.

PS:I used this libary in Linux, I am not sure whether it would be compatible with Windows.