XBee S1 - cannot read values from analog sensor, configuration problem

Thank you for your reply. I configured the IO lines and I receive data. However, the information that I receive is completly false- it consists of 14 bits and the characters that I recceive are illisible(I get a sequence of symbols such as ŽŽŽŸŸ).
I configured the IO lines only of the XBee connected to the TMP36 sensor.
The fields that I configured are:
D0 - I choosed the ADC[2] function since the value of the sensor are analog
IR - Sample rate in ms- I put 3E8 (in hex) which is 1000ms in decimal.I put this value because I want one sample per second.
Can you tell me whether there are any other configurations that I should make to receive coherent values?

Switch to API mode on the receiving module. Then look at the data in Intel Hex frames. You see all ADC data is sent and reported out the UART in an Intel Hex API frame.

Can you explain me how to switch to API mode on the receiving device, given that I use XBees S1? With XBee S1, the only available firmware is 802.15.4, it is not possible to simply change the firmware in X-CTU to API mode.

You do it with an AT command. In this case the ATAP command being set to a value of 1 or 2.

OK, thank you for your replies, they helped me to find what was wrong.
There were two reasons for the problem.
First, Indeed, I should use the receiver XBee in API mode.I configured the API mode in X-CTU v6.2.0, in the Serial menu.
Second,I should not read the values of the receiver in ASCII because I receive a sequence containing much more data than the actual value of the ADC of the transmitter XBee. Instead, I should read the the data in Hex and look at the bits corrresponding to the data coming from the ADC.